About Me

I own a t-shirt that sums up my life perfectly – “I run on coffee, chaos and cuss words.”  I’m a mother of three children,  a wife of an Omega man and a woman who is in the process of being her most authentic self. I enjoy sharing my thoughts on a wide variety of topics with my passion being people development and individual empowerment. Everyone has a passion. We were put on this earth for a purpose and my goal is to help people tap into their magic.20160220_114017-1-e1502389660598.jpg

I once thought that being content was “good enough”; that if I had a good paying job, well-rounded kids, and a loving husband that I would be happy. Now don’t get me wrong, having the aforementioned is nothing less than a blessing,  but I realized that if I am not happy with who I am and what I am doing then everything else fails in comparison. I must first love me before I can love anyone else, be with anyone else, be strong for anyone else.


I had a boss sit me down and tell me that I was not being my authentic self. Single-handedly, that was one of the most impactful conversations that I’ve ever had.  I wanted to quit my job that very day. I wanted to walk out in the middle of Connecticut Avenue and throw my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. That day sent my life into a full tailspin and I am thoroughly enjoying every bit ride.


So that leads me to my next question – what is your superpower? A friend asked this question to her Facebook galaxy and it stayed with me. My super powers are coaching and developing individuals, empowering and inspiring others, and being the best me that I can be. Through this channel, I hope to share my experiences, my lessons and all of the happiness and heartbreak that comes with it.

Come on this journey with me. Stand tall, shoulders back, chin up. WE got next!

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